Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Everyone loves a good vacation.  I can remember when I looked so forward to getting away for a week or so and just relaxing and living worry free for a minute.

My wife and I often slip off and play nine holes in the late afternoon or Saturday mornings.  These are my favorite rounds these days.  I can remember when it was “I will never play golf with a girl”!  Back in the day with my buddies we would see someone playing with their female partner and just laugh and think how miserable they must be not having any male friends to play golf with them.  Well, let it be known I play golf with a girl and simply love it!!! We talk, laugh, give each other tips, and just in general have a great time and get to spend two hours together doing something we both enjoy do much.  She only took the game up when we moved to “The Villages”.

We were walking off the ninth hole last week and she said something so powerful to me.  She said “We live on vacation”!  I was stunned she had hit the nail on the head.  I have often sang the praises of this place and she put it all in one simply sentence.  We live on vacation.  No stress no worries we are both blessed to have our health.  We have our Memphis family here.  We have made wonderful new friends.  We eat well every night, we drink well every night, and we live a dream.

I often talk to my old golfing buddies back in Memphis and the surrounding areas and they always seem to be just a little bit jealous about my lifestyle.  You see I was the one that was the crazy one.  I can remember Rick working every single moment that the company would allow him too, not because he had to but because he loved it so much.  I can remember one time the company he worked for actually had to call him and tell him he needed to cash his paychecks so they could close and accounting period.  I also can remember Larry the same way always and still frugal to a fault.  Me not so much, I was the guy who lived paycheck to paycheck.  I closed down more bars than the law should have allowed.  I have lived like there was no tomorrow and had a blast.  They worked like a slave doing what I thought was looking to the future.  And now they both are trapped in a situation that neither can escape and I am living on Vacation.  I guess the good lord works in mysterious ways for sure.

Well I guess it about time to get ready to go play Wednesday night Couples golf!!  We play every week now, that we live on vacation. 

I love playing with my girl!


The Blessed Man

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