Monday, June 4, 2012


We are cat people. I know that some of you can’t understand that but we are. But not just any cats we have Cornish Rex cats. These are special cats that act more like dogs than cats. They come when you call them and really need to be around people strange as that sounds they are a lot of fun and hypo-allergenic as well. Now I tell you that to start my story.

As most of you know we have been blessed to get a place in The Villages Florida. This has been a wonderful experience and we are finally settling in down there. The house has been totally repainted, thank you adopted sister and company. We have purchased 2 golf carts and are really making the place ours.

Well this past weekend we made a larger commitment to The Villages and we moved the wife and the cats down. Our logic is it is much easier to sell a house that doesn’t have cat boxes in it than one that does. So the wife and the kids have moved leaving me in this huge house all alone. Now I agreed to this whole heartedly and agree with all of the logic. However, when I returned home yesterday and walked in the house it was like our home has no soul anymore. It’s a feeling I have felt one other time. After my Dad died my Mother never spent another moment in the family home. I came back after the funeral and moved my mother up to live with her mother. When I walked into that house the first time after my Dad and Mother were gone it felt the same way. It is strange. The house is full of furniture. Everything is exactly the same however, it’s like the life has been pulled from the home. I sat there last night trying to put the feelings aside but they wouldn’t leave. I am not a nut case; in our married life my wife has traveled for a living. She has taken trips that took her away for more than two weeks many, many times. I never felt like this. Now before we start the pity party all of this is for a very important reason. Once the house sells then I can start thinking about moving down there. So this is a necessary evil as they say. I write this as a simple expression of a set of feeling much like the others I write about on these pages, strange but real to me.

I am in good hands. I have my adopted sister and numerous others who often ask me over for dinner and fun. I have my work that keeps me busy most nights until later than I like. I have the house here in need of many things to get it ready to become someone new dream home. However, for the meantime it’s still my home. Scratch that our home and it needs some work. So I will work on it until my angel returns which I have been promised will be at least every two weeks. I will also head down there whenever possible. So again I am in transition. What a blessing to be moving towards something that you want so badly it almost hurts. I want to be down there so badly I really cannot explain it. This place is special. But we have already talked about that.

How blessed can one man be to have a full understanding of exactly what a loving home feels like? Can you only imagine the people who daily walk into a building they call home? No special feeling, no over whelming feeling of love, no excitement they you have returned from work. I have 2 places I can feel that today, my adopted sister’s house, and my home in the Villages. Sadly there are thousands of people who never know this and I have had that feeling in every house I have ever lived in and a few that I do not.

So I guess I need to start packing. I have an appointment with destiny and I can’t wait to get down south to my new home. I will be totally focused on selling the house I live in now.

Never dreamed I would ever miss those damn cats!!!!!!


The Blessed Man

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